★ And this flaming orbit of shame ravages and splits the path ★

A sky harsh blue grins black

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“These days, the wages of sin depend on what kind of deal you make with the devil.”

“Riddle of destiny, who can show / What thy short visit meant, or know / What thy errand here below?” ~ Charles Lamb

Twenty-fours years old and still kickin'. Living in Phoenix, Arizona, with my family (my sister and mom right now, though looking to get out if you know a way.) and just trying to survive right now. Working tech support for cable internet and enjoying it, ironically enough.

I go in and out of fandoms so do be prepared to swing along with said fandoms. Sometimes they're related, sometimes they're complete opposites of what I was watching for before. It happens a lot. Common blames are my PS2 and Xbox, which my gamertag is Sakura Tsuji if you'd like to friend me there as well. Just...send me a message before you do, please.

I do have what people call 'muses' and I do role-play from time to time. I do try and keep them as separate from me as possible and they're known to comment on things from time to time. I'll do my best to keep warning and keep them in their communities or in IMs, though especially be wary in IM's.

I don't do friends cuts, in fact, I usually despise them. Half the time I don't check journals on a daily basis, though eventually if I notice that you don't comment or we've just grown apart, I'll more than likely remove you. Honestly, if I could keep my friends, that'd be so much better, but things happen and some things can't be mended.

I'll try and be honest with ya'll as well. If I don't like something or don't agree with something, I'll probably tell you straight out (after some inner debate.) Please don't be offended, it's just how I was raised, and if I'm going to speak my mind, I'll speak my mind. We can either have a civil discussion on it or let it go, either or works for me.

And I'm totally not political and try and keep out of that, so please don't bring it up if you can avoid it XD

Icons are free to take, but I will admit, most of them I have not put up with credit to the maker. I honestly do not believe most icons need to be credited as they are still technically someone else's work, but, if you wish to have credit, feel free to comment me and I'll gladly put you up for credit. Any icons I've made (in both this journal and in my muses' journals) are more than welcome to be stolen, as no proper credit is needed. Honestly, icons are not that big a deal to start drama over.

This journal has everything from weird to random to depressed to giddy. Don't expect much more than me just updating on my life from time to time to even pass the time. This is just a place for my thoughts and whatnot, once again, don't like it, don't friend me.

Also, I have horrible when it comes to commenting but will do my best when I get the chance.

...but I believe that is all. Should after the disclaimer above you still wish to friend me, go for it.

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"We can't be together forever. That's a part of growing up. But what matters most is not how often we see one another, but how often we think of one another, right?"

"I shut my eyes tightly and wrapped my arms protectively around myself and asked mindlessly: what was the wind? And, just as mindlessly, something answered: the dead screaming."

A Native-American grandfather told his grandson that there is a battle between two wolves that live within you.

One is evil and has anger, envy, sorrow, regrets, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, superiority, and ego.

The other wolf is good and has joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, empathy , generosity, faith, courage, honor and integrity.

The grandson asked his grandfather, "Which one wins?" The old grandfther simply replied, "The one you feed."

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